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Skates US specializes in the skates and accessories used by the majority of the current US National and World Champion Artistic Skaters and the World Quad Ball Roller Hockey Skaters. Skates US is a Partner Sponsor of the USA Roller Sports Figure Skating National Championships. We also lead in supporting Roller Derby, Jam Skating, Quad Speed Skating, Recreational Skating, and also Ice Figure Skating.

Our experience stems from our president, David Ripp’s vast experience in the skating business. David’s mother was Shirley Snyder and grandfather was Charles Snyder of the famed Snyder Skate Company. David’s innovations with new products as Vice President of the Snyder Skate Company back in the 80’s as well as being a contributing innovator with our current lines, he has had the predominate influence as to where skates are today.

Founded in 2004, we are the US exclusive importers of ATLAS, EDEA Skates, and Roll-Line Skates and Wheels and accessories. These products represent the very best in new technology, comfort, ease of use, ultra light weight, precision, and especially design that we provide you, with the detailed customization of your complete skate outfits to give you the very best performance possible. You won’t believe us, until you put these on your feet and ROLL!

Happy Skating!

Kent Beisner Kent Beisner

Kent is the new voice of Skates U.S. He is learning the products and you, our customers, very quickly. Kent is an avid Cyclist and has done many regional and national tours. We are here to help you have a GREAT Experience in dealing with SkatesUS.com and a GREAT Skating Experience.Email Kent

Josh SchuylerJosh Schuyler

Josh has been with Skates US for quite awhile now and has become one of the very best Skate Techs around. His mount jobs (for both ICE and Roller) are some of the very best and most accurate, possible. Josh’s knowledge of “Shaping” EDEA Skates to customize them to your feet and make them the most comfortable Skates ever, is beyond top notch. Josh spends most of his time in the shop at our facilities specializing on the Tech work for both Ice and Roller Skaters of all levels from beginner to National and World Champions and those that just enjoy Skating. Once in a while we let Josh out of the Shop where he provides his precision Tech work at both Ice and Roller events that Skates US displays at. Josh has become a wealth of knowledge on both Ice and Roller Skates. Josh can be reached at (765) 935-7477 or at tech@SkatesUS.com.

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth is a long time Roller Figure competitor with many trips to the National Championships and Placements. Elizabeth WalkerShe has a passion for Skating and knows the equipment first hand from personal experiences of using it to the MAX. Elizabeth has also been with us at many ICE events and has worked with many high level competitors. She is a GREAT resource (and even happens to be a VERY Good Skate Technician) for both ICE and Roller Skaters. Her primary function with Skates US is to support and train our Dealers across the U.S. with the knowledge that will help the Dealers to help you, the Skaters with GREAT Experiences Skating in EDEA Skates and Roll-Line Skate products. Elizabeth can be reached at Elizabeth@SkatesUS.com or (765) 935-7477.

Elicia and Stephen ReynoldsElicia & Stephen Reynolds

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds were introduced to ice skating in November 1997. She was 6 and he was 4.

In 1998, Elicia was captivated as she watched 15 year old Tara Lipinski win the Olympic title at the Nagano games. That was it! She wanted to compete!

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds In the fall of 1999, the Reynolds family relocated from the east coast of Florida to the west coast of Florida for higher level coaching. The following year Stephen was selected to play the role of the adolescent Scott Hamilton in Scott’s farewell performance with Stars on Ice for an audience of 7,000. That experience ignited young Stephen’s desire to compete and perform on ice.

They also met the 1992 Olympic silver medalists, brother and sister ice dance team, Paul and Isabelle Duschesnay. Isabelle insisted the young Reynolds had all the ingredients for a successful ice dance team. In October 2002, Elicia and Stephen would prove her right by capturing the gold at the 2003 South Atlantic Non-Qualifying Regional Championships in York, Pennsylvania.

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds Their new found skating success was cut short due to a lack of financial resources. For the next three years they were unable to skate. During that time off ice, Stephen and Elicia placed their focus on their academic studies and continued developing their music ability (they both had been studying the violin for six years). Earning a position with the Venice Symphony in Venice, Florida, marked the start of their professional music careers, all the while keeping the dream of returning to the ice alive.

Joyfully, their dream became a reality. In 2005 they returned to the ice. After a year of intense training they earned silver at the 2007 Junior U.S. Championships.

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds Over the next few years, the pair struggled to find new means of income to support their skating lessons. They took themselves through the necessary testing from Intermediate level through Junior level in just six months. They choreographed their own short dance and free dance to prepare for the 2011-12 season.

The Reynolds then continued their resolve and passed the last eight tests required to qualify to compete at the senior level for 2012-13 season, all completed without a single skating lesson.

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds With only a few months before the 2013 Eastern Sectional Championships, the Reynolds were once again unable to afford a choreographer; thus, they choreographed their first senior short dance and free dance and taught themselves the Yankee Polka. A month before Sectionals, Uschi Keszler and Yovanny Durango assisted in polishing the Reynolds’ performances.

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds Elicia and Stephen Reynolds are an amazing pair, brother and sister and a very strong Ice Dance Team. They competed at the 2014 U.S. Championships placing 14th in their first year in the Championship Dance event. Their 2014 U.S. Championship performance video links are available on this site.

Elicia and Stephen both help Skates U.S. at many major Ice Competitions. They are both EXCELLENT with the knowledge of the EDEA Skates, Blades, and both are very good Skate Technicians. They thoroughly understand what Skaters need and want from their equipment, as they both use EDEA Skates on a daily basis.

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds Elicia and Stephen's web site is: www.EliciaAndStephenReynolds.com

Videos of Elicia & Stephen:
Skating Friends - Elicia & Stephen

David Ripp’s History

David Ripp, President of Skates US, literally grew up at his grandfather’s (Charles Snyder) skate shop in Dayton, Ohio. “When grandpa’s skates became the rage after my mother (Shirley) did so well on them, he left his job as a tool maker at Frigidaire to make the skates full time.”

The Double Action Super Deluxe Model was made for Shirley. However, when David was a competitive skater, he was also skating ice shows, tests, and competition, and wanted a roller skate that responded as quickly as the ice blade. His Grandfather worked with him to develop the Imperial Model skate. David went on to win 13, first, second and third placements at the North American Championships.

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